Xaphoon Pocket Sax


Industrial-strength ABS Resin

The Xaphoon® has proven so popular that an injection-molded version called "The Maui Xaphoon® Pocket Sax" was created. Ideal for classrooms or students on a budget, this instrument (available in the key of "C,") sounds identical to the original bamboo instruments, retaining all of their richness and versatility.  All of our instruments are sourced and manufactured in the United States. 

Why own an original Maui Xaphoon®?

  • It will bring you JOY - Imagine bringing a smile to people wherever you are - at a bus stop, in a cave, waiting in line, even a parking garage!
  • It can be with you ALWAYS - A true portable instrument that can be carried everywhere - in your pocket, backpack, even up your sleeve.
  • It will TURN HEADS - The Xaphoon® sounds two octaves lower than conventional flutes of the same length. Play it in an acoustic space and it will sound like a saxophone. Make friends while making spiritual music!
  • Each handmade Xaphoon® is a Work of Art that you will cherish forever.
  • Xaphoons make Great Gifts for that talented musician in your life!

The original Maui Xaphoons® also sound better and have better tuning than the illegal copies you may find online.  Do not be fooled - support the creator and own a classic original!

Other comments: All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.