Beale UP115M2A111


Beale Upright Piano, #11 Polished Ebony

The UP115M Institutional Studio Piano is the culmination of the commitment to the leading edge in design and material development. It's a professional-quality workhorse that includes the industry's most exciting advances within a very successful and popular-sized upright. The solid design and construction challenge the most rigorous practice and performance schedule


Action: Pearl River direct blow studio


Action Rail: Extruded aluminum

Backposts: Spruce

Bridges: Hardwood laminate, hand notched,graphite treated

Fallboard: Standard or 1 piece fold-down/music rack attached

Hardware: Solid brass

Hammers: T stapled premium felt

Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce

Middle Pedal: Practice

Pinblock: 17 cross ply maple or 17 ply maple

Plate: Sand-cast, pure iron, CNC processed

Key Material: Selected straight grained spruce

Soundboard: All spruce, solid core plus 2 spruce epidermal applications

Strings: German Röslau

Tuning Pins: Nickel plated, steel cut-thread

Warranty: 10 year parts & labour

Height: 1143 cm

Weight: 253kg (Boxed, including bench) 

Other comments: All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. 

SKU #: UP115M2Z111