Tascam Pocketstudio Dp-006

The demo song stored on the DP-006 and DP-008EX recorders was produced using only a DP-006. We will describe how this song was created as an example of how to use these units.
One of the greatest strengths of the DP-006 and DP-008EX is that, compared to using a computer, you can easily use their built-in microphones to start recording quickly. By using their other functions, though, you can also make recordings that are even better, as we describe below.

We used a DP-006 because everything done in the production of this song was possible using this unit. Of course, a DP-008EX could also be used for the same type of work.
(Since the DP-008EX does not have stereo tracks, however, the handling of stereo tracks would be different from the DP-006.)

We decided on the following track assignments (which parts would be on which tracks) and recorded accordingly.
TRACK1:Lead guitar (with harmony parts overdubbed in some places)
TRACK2:Bass guitar
TRACK3:Acoustic guitar (with panning for rhythm parts and riffs)
TRACK4:Drums (stereo).
Recording media - SD card(512MB-2GB), SDHC card(4GB-32GB).
File system - TASCAM original (MTR partition)
FAT32 (FAT partition).

OTHER COMMENTS: All prices & specifications are subject to change without notice.

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