Cleartone Bass Guitar String Set G6440

CLEARTONE 6440 BASS GUITAR STRING SET. Cleartone Bass Strings feature their patent pending EMP Coating (Enhanced Molecular Protection); the technology that makes Cleartone guitar strings unique. At 500 nanometers thin, the EMP Treatment is the thinnest coating in the industry. �It�s accepted that coated strings last longer and uncoated strings sound better,� said Joe Iacobellis, Sales and Marketing for Cleartone Strings, �There has been a tone compromise, and up until now, bass players had to accept it. Cleartone gives you unbelievable clarity, and lasts a really long time.� Since their introduction in January 2005, Cleartone strings have garnered rave reviews from electric and acoustic players alike. �Cleartone Strings found the fountain of youth for bass strings,� says Evan Skopp of Seymour Duncan/Bassline Pickups. �But if they are so smart, didn�t they realize bass players will be buying less strings since a well played set of Cleartones sound great for half a year?� Gauge: 6440 Light - 40-100.
$59.00 incl gst.
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SKU #: 6440